Virtual Tours are definitely much more advantageous than physical real estate tours. Whereas one is required to physically move from where they are to go and see a house and plan in advance, virtual tour allows one to view properties of their choice from the comfort of their own home while online. Some benefits of virtual tours include:

One of the differences of physical viewing of properties and viewing them online through virtual tours is that the second one saves a lot of time. With virtual tours, our prospect buyer/tenant can look inside-views from different angles and views giving one a realistic feeling of what the property is like. Virtual touring helps people save a lot of time. In less than 10 minutes they can completely gone through a property.
Virtual tours are very comprehensive in showcasing properties up for sale/lease. Properties are seen from various angles and views. As such, a potential buyer/tenant can completely go through a property online and have complete confidence in what he/she is getting him/herself into even before they make final decision. This confidence gives one an upper hand in being able to ask questions to the agents in case anything is amiss, all because they were able to use the Virtual Tours on their own.